Curious, When Is Actually the Right Time for Your First Credit Card?

Nowadays the use of credit cards is increasingly popular, not only because of the convenience provided but also all the advantages and facilities that can only be enjoyed by credit card holders, making this one payment instrument targeted by customers. Well, for those of you who are interested in having a credit card, you must be wondering when the right time to have this magic card. Of course, even though credit cards are already offered a lot does not mean you can easily get them, there are some requirements you need to fulfill before you become a credit card user.

In addition, in using a credit card it should not be arbitrary. So, you do have to have certain needs that can even be supported by a credit card to be fulfilled. If not, of course you can not take advantage of all the advantages offered by credit cards to the full, what a shame isn’t it?

In order not to confuse these characteristics, which means you can apply for your first credit card:


1. Sufficient age

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The main requirements for having a credit card are that you are of sufficient age, a minimum of 17 years or of age that is sufficient to have an ID card. From the age of the bank where you applied for a credit card, you can judge whether you really need a credit card and be able to pay the dues.


2. Already Have Income

The main requirement to have a credit card is to have a steady income every month. Of course you don’t plan to only use a credit card without paying the bills right? Ready to have a credit card means that you are ready to pay bills every time you use it with interest. The bank usually will not approve credit card applications, if you do not have a steady income.

So, those who do not have a fixed income job like students, can have a credit card by using additional credit card facilities. Ask your family or relatives who already have a credit card and ask for their permission to open additional credit cards on your behalf.


3. Starting a Business

Credit cards can be very useful in starting a business, you can use credit cards for impromptu business capital or small businesses that do not require large funds. Just imagine how many types of small businesses can be capitalized only with a credit card limit of $ 3 million? Starting from selling food and soft drinks, credit agents, selling accessories and online business. In this way, you turn your credit card debt into productive and productive debt.


4. Have a Family

Many people stop using credit cards after having a family, they think that credit cards are not suitable for use by someone who is married because it can add to debt and become wasteful. In fact, if used wisely, credit cards can help reduce the cost of expenses for daily needs. Choose a credit card that offers lots of discounts and cashback at many supermarkets, so you can be more efficient in shopping for personal and family needs.


5. Have a Hobby

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Do not let you stop pursuing your hobby because of limited funds! Everyone needs a hobby to entertain themselves. People who have a hobby are believed to be healthier in mind and not easily stressed, but the limited funds they have have made many people stop to pursue their hobbies halfway. This is where you should be able to use a credit card as a support tool for you to be able to maximize your hobby activities.

For example, if you have a hobby of traveling, choose a credit card that can give you a variety of discounts related to traveling, such as discounts on purchasing flight tickets, discounts on hotel stays to discounted meals at restaurants.


Tips for Choosing a Credit Card First

You are ready to have your first credit card but are still confused as to what credit card is suitable? You can use the following tips as a reference.

  • Choose what suits your purpose to have a credit card
  • Choose the interest is not too high
  • Choose the limit is not too large, and according to your needs
  • Choose who has many discount and cashback offers
  • Choose a credit card from a trusted bank
  • Choose the payment convenience according to your wishes


How to Apply for a Credit Card for Beginners

Apply for a Credit Card for Beginners

  • Prepare all the necessary requirements such as personal documents (Photocopy of KTP or SIM, salary slip, NPWP and savings account for at least the last 3 months)
  • Make sure the financial history on your account is clean to make it easier to approve credit card applications
  • Fill in the application form clearly and honestly
  • Don’t forget to provide the phone number that you use often so that it is easy to contact


Don’t Be Afraid of Having a Credit Card

Don’t make the scourge of credit cards = debt is your obstacle to having your first credit card. If you know all the benefits of a credit card that you use well, a credit card can help you a lot for both business and personal and family purchases. Take advantage of credit cards as a tool for you to be better at managing your finances.

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